3 Tips to Having an Amazing First Date

Tips for an amazing 1st date

You can help make that 1st date is a success

First dates are loved and hated by all. Of course you are happy to have a date and are excited about getting to know the person but sometimes the nerves are unbearable! You wonder what you are going to say next, you worry about how you look and are thinking about whether or not the date will end with a kiss all while trying to maintain eye contact and be engaging. Fortunately there are some really simple tips you can use to increase your chance of having an amazing first date.

First, make sure that you have your own transportation to and from the date. Not only is this a great safety tip but taking your own car makes it a lot easier if things start to go downhill. Everyone needs a possible escape plan on a first date. You never want to be stuck in a car with someone you didn’t hit it off with.

Next, select what you are going to wear ahead of time and make sure that your outfit is comfortable from head to toe. You have to be comfortable on a first date or any other date because nothing should distract you from trying to connect with the person you’re with. Uncomfortable shoes or a tie that is too tight can put a damper on a date.

Lastly, get your energy level up before the date. Listen to music as you get ready, hit the gym a few hours prior or do something else that gets you pumped. Nerves often cause people to build up a wall. Once that wall is up you may come across as guarded and/or shy. On a date, especially the first, you want show off your personality. Do what you can to relax and get the positivity energy flowing. It will make a difference and boost your attractiveness.

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