How has Technology Changed Communication

How has technology changed communication when meeting and getting to know people using popular social activities such as dating. Technology has changed the way we find dates and partners, in fact it has altered our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

How has technology changed communication
‘How has technology changed communication’

Not only has emerging technology vastly improved the way we communicate, it is thanks to technology today that unattached single men and women no longer have to rely upon old fashioned dating techniques to find that perfect partner or relationship.

Any online dating service worth using utilizes modern technology to connect single men and women in smarter, more fluid and ambitions ways that ever before.

Contemporary dating sites will offer both desktop and ‘app’ versions of their product. This means that as a user you can meet people when lounging around at home or alternatively when ‘on the go.’

Such dating sites integrate their service to help find a perfect local date and companion for you based on postcode and user profiling, personality and attraction. These service are tightly wrapped into the apps that we download to our smartphones, and tablet devices.

Emails, messages, winks, videos and photos are all a part of the romantic adventure that dating site users undertake on their dating journey and it is very important that you use the online technology properly to be able to get the best results from the dating service.

With Online Dating and Personals Technology is Our Best Friend

Firstly a primary aspect of any kind of dating that you need to understand before you start using online technology to find a perfect match for your profile is that you will always have to respect your potential partner’s preferences.

You need to be sure that your messages to a person you are interested in does not end up interfering with his or her private life.

After all you do not want to bother the person you are interested in until you determine that they are genuinely attracted to you and want to discover more about your character and personality, in other words get to know you.

Sending Private Messages and Emails

One of the most commonly used parts of online technology is emailing and private messaging. Emails and messaging not only give you the privacy that you require, but it also lets you communicate effectively with the person you are interested in.

Communicating with other single men and women is de facto and built into any half decent dating site, even away from the site tools to make connecting easier are widespread and all will run on smartphones and tablets. Popular instant and social messaging services to connect with loved ones include:

  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Kik
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • paltalk
  • Twitter

Paltalk Video Chat for Singles

Using Messaging and Social Media for Dating

How has technology changed communication
‘Use Social Media to Date’

One way to appreciate how has technology changed communication is through using an online dating service. If you adopt a particular technique it can be very effective. So make sure that you keep your emails, winks and messages to other singles to the point, if you are just getting to know the person then ensure that you do not ramble on about unnecessary details. This also gives you a lot to talk about when if you plan to take your relationship to the next level and actually meet the person in the real world or Skype etc.

Instant messaging or text messaging is also another popular feature of web based dating technology. Using this facility you will be able to send in short and sweet messages to the person you are in correspondence with.

Winks and emoticons can also be used, however make sure that you do not go overboard as your potential date might get turned off if you do not know where to stop.

Avoid Seeming Like a Desperate Lonely Single at All Costs

You might also come across as a desperate person or a ‘try hard’ and that is the last thing that you want to be known as in the online dating circle.

Ensure that when using a dating site to just to leave short messages to other people wishing them a good day ahead or other details. The same advice is true on social media as if the recipient wishes to reply then they naturally will, remember nobody likes to be pestered, show your keen but don’t be mean!

Please Love Me
‘Please Love Me’

You can also use most dating platforms and social media services to send other people messages as well as online cards with music, colour or any other form of media. You can personalise these multimedia messages too to a large extent.

When you choose to personalise these messages make sure you opt for this option only when you know your potential date’s preferences very well.

Take Advantage of Rich Media in Photos, Online Chat, Greeting Cards and Video Uploads

Else you might just end up sending media that you enjoy and not what your potential date enjoys. Online cards are also great options as all of your essential details would be included in these cards, which make sure that the card does not get marked as spam and is delivered to your potential dates inbox.

Pictures are an essential part of dating and using social media to meet people and they have always been used in all types of relationships for ages now, which is one of the reasons why photos play such an important role in your social media and dating profile especially when you are using the services of an online dating website such as

Use Technology and Social Media to Promote Yourself

For your main profile picture on your favorite dating site, make sure you choose a photo that is well shot, natural and clear. Posting a picture of you standing on a mountain or far away in the background will not help your cause in any way. The same advice is just as relevant on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The media that you use, eg photos, videos and so forth are how other people will view you and draw their impression of you.

Your photo speaks volumes about who you are to your potential date or anyone that you have passed social media contacts to. It also helps your date decide if he or she wants to take the relationship forward. This is why you need to always select a picture that projects you in good light and highlights your features.

Social media is a powerful tool
‘Social media is a powerful tool’

Nevertheless when choosing a profile picture to use on dating sites or social media networks don’t be afraid to put some people off. You’re not trying to appeal to the masses, so don’t make yourself bland.

Play up to whatever makes you different and unique; that’s the best way to attract the people who matter to interact with your account. Social media is a powerful tool when used wisely.

Ideally you should post a shoulder length picture as your main profile picture and then also add in other photos of yours in the album areas that exhibit aspects of your life.

Read more about our advice on building a dating profile in order to stand out from the crowd. Certainly it is easy to appreciate how has technology changed communication. Mostly for the better of course but there are always caveats to be aware of.



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