Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Woman

Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Woman

Dating a woman who is strong and determined and has her act together is an experience full with valuable lessons to be learned. If you are going to fall in love with someone like this, there are going to be some things you should know first before you dive in any further.

Strong Women Expect You to be Direct

You’re going to have to stop dancing around important life issues and start being straight with her, as that’s how she’s going to be with you. If there is an issue or something bothering her, you’re going to know about it. She is a typically a problem solver and of course she wants you to be also.

If you want a woman who is sugar coated, you should probably go get yourself a cupcake instead, strong women can be ruthless and are not afraid to speak their mind.

You can’t impress a strong willed woman or expect to carry on a relationship solely through text messages, you need to show everything you have and don’t expect her to be impressed by your antics. Don’t ask a strong woman out for a coffee unless you mean it.

Leave your “social proof” antics and games firmly at the door. Any juvenile attempt to make her jealous by talking about or posting photos with other women will backfire for sure as strong women are not easily swayed.

Strong Women are Very Loyal

Strong women are loyal companions and good partners in life. These kind of women expect honesty, decency and serious commitment from you, but they are more than willing to return it with the same fierce passion they apply to every other aspect of their lives. You will not find a more trustworthy woman than a strong, independent one. However betray a strong woman at your peril.

Strong women do not easily get jealous because they are secure enough in themselves to know what (and who) is worth their time, or what/who isn’t. If she is going to fully commit to you, she expects the same in return. Do not play games with such women as they will walk all over you.

Worldly, Passionate and Educated

Strong, mature women are worldly, passionate and educated. They are willing to have real conversations about real issues, and while there might be a “Real Housewives” episode playing in the background, her mind is still going a mile a minute about things that really matter. If you want her attention, you are going to have to keep up.

She probably has a stressful job that requires her to spend the day making decisions or dealing with other people’s nonsense. If you are looking for evenings full of “I don’t know, where do you want to go for dinner?” exchanges, then you are barking up the wrong tree. She wants you to make the right decisions and she wants you to make decent plans.

No woman should have to put up with indecisive men. Today’s women are bold, confident and know what they want. What they don’t want is to be around someone who is going to mistreat or disrespect them.

If you say you are going to do something, whether it involves her or not, you’re going to be held accountable. Now you know how a strong willed woman ticks, the question is whether such a person is right for you.



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